Electronic Dance Music and Culture Researchers


Abreu, Carolina de CamargoUniversidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil)rave, celebration, dance, body techniques, electronic dance music, ecstasy; the anthropology of experience, the anthropology of performance, Walter Benjamin and anthropology; ethnographic video.
Adamek, CathyUniversity of South Australia, Hawke InstituteRelationship between motor cities Adelaide and Detroit as sites of early techno production, dance floor/club as improvisational performance space, early hip-hop girl power prototypes Betty Boo, Monie Love, Cookie Crew, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, microentrepreneurialism; punk to no-wave to rave
Albiez, SeanLondon South Bank UniversityEarly Electronic Music History (1890s-1930s); German Electronic Music of the 1970s; Kraftwerk; Brian Eno; Music Technology in Electronic Music; Music Production Analysis; Techno; IDM; Electronica; EBM; Post Punk; The Velvet Undergroundlink
Anderson, TammyUniversity of DelawareElectronic dance music, popular culture, identity, deviance, inequality, youth culture, sociology of culture, medicalization, cultural criminology
Attias, BernardoCalifornia State University NorthridgeDJ cultures; ritual and EDM; technology and the body; the question of authenticity; cultural hybridity; politics and EDM; consciousness; race; urban space; and much much more...
Balli, RiccardoAccademia Italiana DJPost-rave sounds: from 8 bit, to breakcore, to hard/gabber culture. And more.link
Bates, EliotUniversity of MarylandTurkish music, recording studios, California underground raves, the interplay between electronic dance music production and avant-garde music composition, collaborative bibliography projectslink
Bock, SenecaSocial Innovators Design GroupEDM role in social connectedness; future trends in new music; cultural diversity and global harmonic sound systems
Booth, PaulManchester Metropolitan UniversityRave/Post-Rave Culture Aesthetics, Rave Culture in Cinema, Youth Culture, Social Studies, Drugs, Media Representations, Free Party Scence, Political Formations and Sub-Groups, Neo-Tribes Theory, Technotibes Theory, Documentary, Fictional Representations, UK Scene.
Boritz, JasonVIBES DOCUMENTARYI am producing a documentary on evolution of electronic dance music and dance culture. Any help with articles, flyers, research, pictures would be greatly appreciated. I am also learning about the subject, the scene, the music and the culture so I have a great deal of information and resources as well
Breyley, GJMonash UniversityIran, Iranian diaspora
Breinl, ChristianaUniversity of Vienna (Austria)free tekno movement (global/local); sound system culture; free party scenes as temporary,autonomous zones; dancing, trance and unconsciousness on the dancefloors; electronic music (acidtekno,hardtekno,jungle,drum and bass,dub,psytrance,electro)and its social and cultural manifestations
Brook, EricFull Sail University (Orlando, Florida)Composition, theory, and the production of EDM.link
Buck-Matthews, EveleighCoventry UniversityMusic festivals. Young people and their tribes, scenes and spaces. Rave. Participatory & creative methods. Drug discourses. TAZ & Liminal Spaces.link
Butler, Mark JNorthwestern UniversityMusical organization; rhythm and temporality; performance; relationships between technology, improvisation, and composition; gender and sexuality
Castagner, Marc-OlivierUniversity of Ottawa(Québec's) Psytrance Events and Spirituality; Peace-Experiences, Atmospheric Consciousness, Ecstasy; Trans-Personnalism/Rationalism; Conflict, Security and Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution; Cultural Studies, Media and Communications; Political Theory and Continental Philosophylink
Colasanti, NataleWayne State UniversityDance music culture and development of interpersonal relationships within the culture, the communication within the culture, social disclosure within the dance culture
Conner, ChristopherUniversity of Nevada Las Vegas (USA)Visual Sociology, Club Cultures, Gender, Culture, and Community.
D'Errico, MikeUniversity of California, Los AngelesProduction techniques in hip-hop, virtual performance ethics, chiptune and video game music, bass frequencies and sonic embodimentlink
da Costa Amorim, LucianaUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais ( Brasil)electronic dance music, political interest and perception, comparative studies.link
Dalphond, DeniseIndiana UniversityElectronic dance music in Detroit, African American music and culture, history, genre, and performancelink
DiGiacomo, CristinaMasters of Science, The New School, New York CityThe DJ creative process, DJ culture and industry. In depth research with DJs on the current state of the artistry, creative process literature, and audience perspectives on dance music.
Diotalevi, LisaUniversity of Strasbourg (France)ethnographer / visual anthropology Free parties and teknivals across Europe, Psychedelic Trance, Dark Dance.link
Duivenvoorde, KoenFree University, Amsterdam (Netherlands)Dutch and European freetekno-scenes; underground and freeparty scenes; rave, dance, and youth culture; ideology vs. hedonism in youth culture; subcultural vs. post-subcultural theory; modernist vs. postmodernist youthcultural theory; qualitative research in urban settings more generally.
Earp, MattSchool of Information, UC Berkeley (USA)Organization of Music, Organization of Info about Music, Dissemination of Info about Music, Dissemination of Music, Peer-2-Peer, Music and Social Networks, Licensing, Music Genres, Live Events, Artistic/Event Crews and Cultures, Localization of Dance Music, Hip-Hop as Dance Music, Sampling, Remix Culture, Concepts of DJing, Dubstep, Breakcore, Baltimore Club, Bloghouse, Music Journalismlink
Farrugia, RebekahWestern Michigan Unviersitywomen and gender studies, sexuality, computer-mediated-communication, social-networking, DJ culture, media and EDM production
Fernandez, SilvestreUniversity of Manchester (United Kingdom)Detroit Techno music, African-American popular music, electronic dance music, globalization and resistance, grass-roots vs top-down music industry, cultural and subcultural studies. Appropriation, theft, borrowing and sampling in dance music history. Disco and House music.
Ferrigno, EmilyYale University Music Libraryjungle/drum 'n' bass; affect; sampling; technology and creativity; gender
Fink, RobertUniversity of California, Los Angelesminimalism and repetition culture; teleology in groove-based musics; interaction between EDM and the "classical" avant-garde; breakbeat hardcore; sampling; music and technology
Fraser, AlistairMaynooth University, IrelandDrum & bass music; cultural economy; economic, political and cultural geography; various other interestslink
Gadir, TamiUniversity of OsloGlobal DJ & dance music cultures; sociology of music; cultural policy; agency/equality/diversity/accessibility in music communities; the politics of technology; theories of the posthuman/nonhuman.link
Garcia, Luis-ManuelUniversity of Birminghamtechno, house, and its minimal subgenres; affect; public culture; tourism & gentrification; urban studies; EDM scenes of Europe and North America; gender & sexuality; intimacy and solidaritylink
Gates, CarrieUniversity of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)Avant turntablism, breakcore and gabba, experience and aesthetics, VJ-DJ interaction, music visualization, performative space, DJ orchestras, "the journey", the role of the "fantastic", "Postcolonialism" and technology, somatic knowledge, DIY culture and anti-capitalism, Human-Computer Interaction and nightclub technology.link
Gauthier, FrancoisSciences des religions, UQAM (Quebec)Subcultures in general including house and techno, the Burning Man festival; consumerism as a cultural ethos; subcultural politics; ritualism; neopaganism; contemporary religiosities; etc.link
Gavanas, AnnaUppsala University (Sweden)Electronic dance music & technology & spirituality. Gender, sexuality, ethnicity & DJing in Berlin, London & Stockholm. Plus exploring the regionz of dublink
Goldschmitt, KariannUniversity of California, Los AngelesBrazilian electronica, acid jazz, world music hybrids, house, experimental techno.
Grayson, KyleUniversity of Newcastle Upon Tynecritical security studies, the securitization of everyday life, biopolitics, popular culture and global politics
Haberfeld, DavidMelbourne Conservatorium of Music, The University of MelbourneComposing real-time Acid and Techno. How studio and performance based practices inform the creation of Acid, Techno and other EDM styles. Machine-led aesthetic to composing - music hardware technology focus.link
Hall, JoUniversity of Surrey (UK)UK Drum 'n' Bass, dance analysis, youth and popular music sub/club cultures, identity politics
Holt, FabianUniversity of Roskilde (Denmark)Popular musics, esp. in the US and Europe. Concert and club culture, music public spheres, social and political culture in and around music. Ethnography, performance theory, and cultural theory of music.
Hunt, GeoffreyInstitute for Scientific AnalysisYouth cultures, identity, electronic dance music culture, dance, raves and clubs and the culture of drug uselink
Hyndman, SheenaYork UniversityEDM, remix, media ecology, critical theory, history of technology, performance as text.
James, MartinSouthampton Solent University (England)Jungle/ drum'n'bass, French electronic musics and their associated histories. Post-genre formations in electronica, breakbeat and techno. The creation of myth in the post-rave era
Jasen, PaulCarleton University, Cultural Mediations (Ottawa, Canada)Bodies and sound, sonic geographies, networked culture, black Atlantic music cultures/futurisms, media ecologies. Publisher of Riddim.ca, a North American grime and dubstep hub.link
Johner, AndrewAppalachian State UniversitySpirituality and mysticism of electronic dance music culture, 2012 millennialism, religion and the anthropology of consciousness, psytrance
Lasén, AmparoUniversidad Complutense de MadridSociology, electronic dance music culture, clubs, technology, how sound spaces are created, mediations, co-constitution offline and online experiences and relationships, affects.
Leeds, AdamUniversity of PennsylvaniaElectronic dance music culture (particularly psytrance); face to face interaction; cultural flows; economic globalization and state power
Lindop, RobUniversity of SalfordPsy-trance music/culture; UK free festivals; popular musicology; dance music scenes; subcultural studies.
Luckman, SusanUniversity of South Australia (Australia)Outdoor dance music events; EDMC activism; DiY Cultureslink
Lugo-Elías, CésarUniversidade do Porto, PortugalI explore the after-parties as an experiential phenomena, positioning Design as the trigger of the aesthetic of belonging; Design as the trigger of hedonistic practices; Design as mediator in the interaction among technology and humans; Design as core discipline in the process of technology embodiment; and after-parties as spaces of negotiation of identity. My background is product and interaction Design as well as Design Research. I am an ethnography enthusiast bu currently working with grounded theory.
Lysloff, ReneUniversity of California, RiversideMusic and technoculture, rave shamanism, New Age religiosity, music and supermodernity, online global music communities/networks, ecstatic/trance behavior, laptop live performance, new creative processes, performativity/(dis)embodiment. Specific music electronica, IDM, braindance, ambient, trance, New Age, world music hybrids, laptop folk, post-digital, and electronic-electric fusions.
Madden, DavidConcordia University (Montreal, QC)sound studies; electronic/popular music; electronic music history; electroclash; studio culture; DJ culture
Madrid, Alejandro LCornell UniversityCritical and Cultural Musicology; Latin American Art and Popular Musics; Electronic Dance Music; Sound Studies; Late 19th- and 20th-Century Western Art Music; Transnational History; Border Studies; Performance Theory; Globalization and Postnationalitylink
Magaudda, PaoloDept of Sociology, University of Padova (Italy)Technology, music and sound culture; Popular music in Italy; techno and other dance-based subcultures; History of Italian electronic and dance music; local dance scenes; tacit knowledge in electronic music practices
Malone, SeamusLondon ConsortiumDetroit Techno, Chicago House, Tech-House, Walter Benjamin, Fredric Jameson.link
Mann, LarisaJurisprudence and Social Policy, UC Berkeley (Law)The relation between copyright/property law and creative practice, Jamaican musical practice, sound systems, technology surveillance and rights, decentered creativity, destroying the author/consumer framework, fan culture. Also see http://riddimmethod.net, http://wiretapmag.orglink
Marsh, CharityUniversity of Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada)Canada Research Chair in Interactive Media and Performance; DJ culture; rave culture in Canada; Canadian Indigenous Hip Hop; On-Line Social Networking; Community Radio; Electronic Dance Musiclink
McIver, SharonUniversity of Canterbury, Aotearoa/New ZealandThe signficiance of the landscape to Aotearoa/NZ dance music and culture - tribalism, carnivalesque, TAZ. Also, the use of found sound sampling in Aotearoa electronic and roots-reggae music.
Moloney, MollyInstitute for Scientific AnalysisYouth cultures, gender, sexualities, club drugs, ethnicity, identity, dance scenes, Asian American youth, night-time economylink
Moore, KarenzaLancaster UniversityEDM clubbing, particularly prog/tech trance scenes; 'recreational' drug use in EMD clubbing times and spaces, emergent patterns of drug use (ketamine, GBL, and MDMA powder/crystal); religion and spirituality; transformative potentialities of clubbing; criminalisation of club drugs, clubs and clubbers; war on drugs discourses; UK drug policy; scenes, subcultures, neo-tribes; night-time economies; mainstream/underground dichotomies; club and club drug studies - ethics, insider/ousider status/knowledge, and reflexivity; club survey methdologies; club and club drug ethnographies; harm reduction for clubbers.
Moore, MadisonYale Universityelectronic dance music, club cultures as performance, dj cultures, gender and sexuality, live events, indie sceneslink
Morey, JustinLeeds Beckett Universitysampling, copyright law, copyright management, music industry, UK dance music
Morrison, SimonUniversity of Leeds (UK)The enculturation of the rave scene: the process by which the nascent rave scene was culturally exposed by its representation in film, literature and the medialink
Morrissey, LillianUniversity of Sydneyalternative and underground electronic music, ie(psytrance, drum and bass, jungle, breaks, grime, dubstep,etc) and politics, the relationship between the two, underground music as a political movement (this link leads to a work in progress which may be interesting and which is constantly being updated)link
O'Grady, AliceUniversity of LeedsPlay, participation and performance practices. Risk, critical vulnerability and participatory practices. Radical pedagogy. Festival cultures. Psytrance scenes and communities of practice. Women and club cultures.link
Payling, DaveStaffordshire UniversityAudio visual composition and the intersection between visual music and Electronic music composition. Abstract visuals and sound. Practise based research and music composition. Popular musical genres in visual music. Dance and beat based music composition. I am ‘From the Floor’ section editor of Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culturelink
Peter, BeateUniversity of SaldordEDM and trance, music psychology, unconscious processes on the dance floor, dance as communication
Petiau, AnneUniversité Paris 5Sociology, musical experience in electronic music (club, rave, free party), musicians (creativity, modes of commitment), youth subcultures, electronic music in the wider frame of popular music. Also see http://gremes.ceaq-sorbonne.orglink
Phillips, MatthewDeakin University MelbourneBush doofs, EDM, Egalitarianism, Religion
Ratcliffe, RobertKeele University (UK)New forms of hybrid musical discourse; the influence of technology on musical language; sampling and imitative transformation in EDM.
Rauh, AndreasUniversity of LeedsCultural Production; Political Economy of Media and Digital Technologies; Grassroots Musicians; Cultural Labour; Popular Music; Electronic Dance Music; Dance Music Cultures; New Media and Society; Music Making; Music and Technology; DJ Culture; EDM in the Global South; Remix Culture.link
Rietveld, HillegondaLondon South Bank UniversityElectronic dance music cultures; DJ cultures; global cultures in local contexts; mediation of music cultures; dancefloor subjectivitieslink
Rodkey, ChristopherLebanon Valley CollegeNoise in liturgical arts, theological interpretations of industrial music, US Christian electronic music scene
Rowley, MargaretMichigan State UniversityTechno; house; women and gender roles in electronic music; minimalism; popular and art music relationshipslink
Rugolo, JenniferUniversity College Cork (NUI)Invented traditions; the concepts of tradition and innovation within UEDM; transmission processes; pedagogical approaches to teaching DJ technique, taste, and philosophy; sub- vs. super-culture; the creation of ideology and mythology; the vinyl/digital debate; DJ culture.
Seago, AlexRichmond American University LondonCultural globalization and electronic music, Krautrock.link
St John, GrahamUniversity of HuddersfieldElectronic dance music cultures, anthropology of ritual and religion, transformational event cultures, psytrance, Burning Man, Terence McKennalink
Sylvester, SaraCardiff University - Journalism, Media and Cultural StudiesI am presently doing a practice PhD in photography and digital narratives. My main interests are Rave/Post-Rave Culture Aesthetics, Rave Culture in Cinema and Novels, Youth Culture, Social Studies, Drugs, Media Representations, Women and Subcultureslink
Thille, Toddartificialeyes.tvVisualization of music in the dance club setting.link
Till, RupertUniversity of Huddersfield, UKComposing EDMC; Musicological study of EDMC (musical structures, forms, harmonies, rhythm etc.); Ambient/chill out music/IDM; Trance, entrancement and entrainment; EDMC and religion, spirituality & reenchantment; Influence of EDMC on Christianity; Club culture and popular music; Development of UK EDMC from 1986; EDMC in northern England; Sampling and postmodernity; Appropriation of African American dance cultures by other cultureslink
Vályi, GáborBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsGrass-roots processes of cultural transnationalisation, subcultural economies, alternative canon formation. I'm writing my PhD on "crate digging", a hip hop related vinyl record collecting subculture.link
van Straaten, Eva-MariaUniversity of Amsterdammusical experience, psytrance, space in music-music in space, cultural analysis, difference
van Veen, Tobias CMcGill University (Montreal, Canada)Dept. Philosophy and Dept. of Art History and Communication Studies. Philosophy of technology & philosophy of technology. Technoculture & AfroFuturism, renegade theory & soundsystem piracy. Foundations of the polis in ritual, faith & rave culture, anarcho-technolink
Vitos, BotondLeuphana University of Lüneburgpopular music studies; event-cultures; electronic dance music culture; genre classification in machine learning; the Burning Man movementlink
Walker, AdamJames Cook University (Australia)Altered states of consciousness in ritual, healing, performance and social psychology; contexts of neutral socialisation; psychedelic trance culture; musicology.
Weinel, JonAalborg UniversityAltered states of consciousness in electronic music and audio-visual media, including: shamanic art and music, psychedelic rock, sound system music, rave music, electroacoustic music, experimental film, visual music, VJ culture, video games, virtual reality applications and other immersive mixed-reality technologies. I explore these areas as both an artist/practitioner and theorist.link
Winant, LouUniversity of WashingtonDrum and bass; jungle
Schelvis, SydneyUniversity of AmsterdamEmbodiment, physical reception, synthetic voices, social implications of (underground) club culture, architectural dimensions of the club, gentrification and heterogenisation, nightlife regulation, MCing as social act, suomisaundi, grayscale techno,link
Lew, Benjamin FUniversity of MelbourneAustralian and international psytrance festival culture; aesthetics, musicality and spirituality; liminality and consciousness; possession and subjectivity; connection to land, neoprimitivism, techno-tribalism and rites of passage. The existential and corporeal power of music; the social and cultural reality of aesthetics.
Liechti, HannesBern University of the ArtsSampling in Experimental Electronic Musiclink
Michielse, MaartenLancaster University, UKRemix culture, digital media, mashups, skills, (informal) learning, (digital) media literacylink
Egolf, Eva JCity School District of New RochelleDJ learning processes, house music, NYC clubbing culture
Young, TobyUniversity of OxfordEDM and philosophy; temporality, ritual and repetition; aesthetics; DJ culture; production and songwritinglink
Cookney, DanielUniversity of SalfordEDM and anonymity; Sample culture; Audio-visual relations; House & techno; Graphic design; Music videolink
Kolioulis, AlessioLondon South Bank UniversityElectronic Dance Music Culture, Social Ecology, Urban Studies, Human Geography, Aestheticslink
Bougaïeff, NicolasHuddersfield UniversityEDM production, DJing and live performance with a particular focus on techno. PhD thesis on minimal techno, Richie Hawtin / Plastikman. Practice-based and practice-led research. Analysing EDM with traditional music theory and spectromorphological analysis. Releasing records on Novamute, Mesh (Max Cooper), Traum Schallplatten, Trapez and other underground vinyl labelslink
Whelan, AndrewUniversity of WollongongPeer-to-peer file-sharing; sampling aesthetics and politics; gender, music and technology; music online; virtual music scenes; digital music collecting and sharinglink
Palombini, CarlosUniversidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Unirio)Musique concrète history and theory; funk carioca history, theory and analysislink
Gilli, LorenzUniversity of Siegen (Germany), Dept. of Media StudiesDJ culture, aesthetics, mediality and performativity of the DJ-set/DJ-performance, auditive dramaturgy, sound studies, Goa- and Psy-Trancelink
Nye, SeanUniversity of Southern CaliforniaGerman electronic music, science fiction, Afrofuturism, minimalism, rave culture, all the cores (hardcore, trancecore, breakcore, gabber, happy hardcore, etc.), trance, techno, and krautrocklink
Kushin, MarcUniversity of BremenMedia Technology and Mediation/Mediatization; Mobility; Space and Place; Rave culture's relationship with mobility; Music Production; Sound Studies; Methodologies in Media Studies
Karampampas, PanasÉcole des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), FranceEBM, Greece, Germany, Goth Scene, Digital Anthropology, Anthropology of Dance, Cosmopolitanism, Diaspora and Migrationlink
Assiter, BenGoldsmiths, University of LondonElectronic dance music cultures in London; relationship between music and social space; music scenes, communities and publics; urban change and gentrification; music and urban policy; night time economy; music and the night time
Doringer, BogomirUniversity of Applied Arts, ViennaCurating events on the topic of a dance of urgency. The return of political dances and rise and importance of crowds in contemporary times.link
Symmes, TommyRice UniversityMusical experiences; aesthetics of alterity and alternative events in the american upper midwestlink
Crawford, Kahlil OAxelson Center for Nonprofit ManagementChicago House, Detroit Techno, New York Garage
Yiu, AlexSchool of Creative Media, City University of Hong KongUnderground "deconstructed" club music, online community, Hong Kong underground music scene, experimentalism in club music, post-internet music, music-oriented online platforms, online community culture, digital DJing, experimentalismlink
Schaubruch, JosefLeuphana University of LüneburgLiveness in electronic dance music cultures, live techno, production & performance practiceslink
Cannon, JamesUniversity of Leeds, School of MusicEDM and embodiment, DJ-audience interaction, synchrony, music & emotion, social bonding and well-being link
Dinis, FredericoCentre for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of CoimbraAmbient & Electronic music ; Club culture & Popular music; Performativity of memory; Ritual and performance.link
Daniel OndřejCharles University, Prague, CZClub cultures, rave, dub, gabber, hardbass, postsocialist Eastern Europe, social class, age, emotions, ecstatic practices, (de)politicizationlink
Deiana, Maria-AdrianaQueen's University, BelfastClub cultures and/in contexts of armed conflict; entanglements between EDMC, militarism, political violence and resistance; feminist international relations and gender studies; embodiment, affect and intimacy; ethnography and creative methods in war/peace studieslink
Anderson, Jacqueline University of Central Lancashirepsytrance, psyculture, trance, religion, spirituality, dance, liminality, communitas, belonging, culturelink
Dobos, Susanna5rhythms Movement MeditationConnection between Body, BPM and Frequency, the healing capacities of the body; how to crack the Body Language Code with Electronic Music; The root of all disease and how to hold space for the healing Vibeslink
Christodoulou, Chris University of WestminsterAI, accelerationism, bass culture, breakbeats, industrial music, jungle drum and bass, residual media, video game cultureslink
Emília SimãoUniversity PortucalenseE-Ambient, Experiment E-music, Virtual E-music Events, Digitial Aesthetics, Media Arts, New Media
Mike CallanderRMIT UniversityDJ/performance technologies, EDM form, digital audio, DJ culture
Hidalgo, Danielle AntoinetteCalifornia State University, Chicodance music culture, authenticity, branding, augmented reality, whiteness, DJs, club culturelink
Trottier-Pistien, FrédéricAix-Marseille UniversityElectronic and traditional music merges, club and festival ethnographies, techno music in France, bodies and affectivity on dancefloor.link
Chambers, PaulUniversity of AdelaideMusic Production, Creativity, Clubbing, Role of Digital Technologies
Smith, Jeremy W. The Ohio State UniversityMusic theory, music analysis, EDM festivals, EDM genres, house, trance, bass music, production techniques, fan culture

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