As a cross-disciplinary educational and research network, the DRN facilitates information exchange, resource sharing and collaboration among international researchers of the genres, identifications, aesthetics, technologies and other manifestations of electronic dance music culture (EDMC). Researching techniques and locales, scenes and events, ethnicity and gender, production and distribution technologies, digital arts, drugs, sexuality and other subjects, members hail from various disciplines, operate in many different global locations, and employ diverse methodologies.

As a resource hub for educators, scholars and researchers of electronic music and dance cultures, the Dancecult Research Network facilitates research recognizing:

• The growing significance of EDMCs among populations and within lifestyles worldwide, as apparent in a diverse range of event cultures, sonic formations, music genres and dance movements.

• The unique histories, changing landscapes and emergent trends in electronic music event cultures, scenes and genres.

• The influence of local and global conditions on formations and ways the latter influence policies and practices at national and transnational levels.

• The impact of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class in the cultures, diasporas, scenes, aesthetics of EDMCs.

• The influence of spatial and environmental contexts in the performance and reception of EDMC events.

• The significance of music production innovations and the role and techniques of the DJ.

• The mediation of electronic dance music in cinema, literature, and other popular cultural forms.

• The vicissitudes of the ongoing debate between “independent” and “commercial” imperatives within these movements.

• The variety of disciplinary heuristics and methodological perspectives illuminating EDMCs worldwide.