Dancecult RAIDFest 2021

::::::: DANCECULT RAIDFEST :::::::

September 17th–19th 2021 (PDT)

Every Dancecult Conference needs a dancefloor!

Tune in for 55 hours of underground sounds from across the globe on Twitch — with global DJs from the Dancecult Research Network and the global Twitch & planet techno underground …

// from techno to house, bangin’ to deep, trance to industrial, from Los Angeles to Berlin, the UK to Canada to Japan, Australia, and Brazil, we be digging from vinyl & digital to blast the 4/4 cuts, from the hardest-hitting to the subsonic depths // ALL LIVE // all from the intimate & sur/real spaces of DJs & producers from around the planet

LINKTR.EE SCHEDULE (watch/listen here):


Every conference needs a dancefloor, and we cannot imagine Dancecult — as the global site of electronic dance music culture research — not having a proper shindig of planetary proportions. As well as providing an online dancefloor for the Conference, and a creative space for Dancecult affiliated DJs to play, the RaidFest creates new means of networking and communitas through live online engagement, with (as Hakim Bey put it) “music as an organising principle.” As the RaidFest is available to all listeners on Twitch, it opens up the Dancecult network to listeners from around the globe, allowing for cross-over chat between participants and researchers from diverse global scenes… or at least, this is the idea. At 55 hours, it is also a celebration of continuous rhythm that far exceeds most human capacity…

To listen, check your time/zone, and then pop onto Twitch and visit the streamer’s page using the Twitch names/links above in the schedule — once you are listening, when they are done they will RAID the next DJ and you will be taken along for the ride…. One of the cool things about Twitch is the community takin’ place in the Chat, with emotes & other shennanigans, it is like Old Internet, IRC style, plus a microcurrency system (Bits, Tips, Subs) to support the DJs. Unlike social media it is very direct, and the DJs below all bring you into their studios/living rooms, a much more intimate experience online that is at times quite rewarding—which is to say, combining strange culture with cosmic sounds! See you on the spinz …

— // (curator)