2021 Agenda

RAIDFest Details: https://dancecult-research.net/dancecult-raidfest-2021/

Panel sessions are 1 hour total, papers are 15 minutes followed by 5 mins questions

All times UTC +1 hr (UK Time)

Day 1. Thursday 16th September

9.00Conference site open
10.45-11.00Welcome from the host
11.00-12.20Paper Session A – Dance Culture in the time of Corona (Chair: Dave Payling)


·       Melanie Ptatscheck – The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on the Mental Health of German EDM DJs

·       Zoe Armour – The ‘Virtual EDM-Event’: Family viewing during the Covid-19 Pandemic

·       Euan Pattie – Dance music and the COVID-19 Pandemic: The perspective of UK artists on sustaining and developing careers in the absence of live music events.

·       Vincent Jenewein – Has anything actually changed? Considerations on political economy and ideology within the post-Covid EDM scene

12.40-14.00Paper Session B – Tempo Tribes, Flow States, Digital Cumbia, and Raving Poetry (Chair Botond Vitos)


·       Graham St John – Raving Poet of the Apocalypse: Terence McKenna as Medium

·       Moses Iten – The DJ-as-researcher approach: Methods emerging through ‘digital’ cumbia fieldwork

·       Nicolas Bougaïeff – Bridges Between Tempo Tribes: A Practice-Based Study of Metric Modulation in Techno

·       Rupert Till – Flow States: An Autoethnographic Study of Ambient Techno and Chillout Music Production.

14.30-15.30Panel 1


·       Alistair Fraser, Brian Belle-Fortune, Sarah Sandy, DJ Flight, Chris Christodoulou – A panel discussion on the impact and significance of Brian Belle-Fortune’s ‘All Crew Muss Big Up’

16.30-17.50Paper Session C – Collaboration, Convention and Communities (Chair: Toby Young)


·       Stefano Fasciani – Back-To-Net – A system for collaborative DJ set over the Internet

·       Ivan Mouraviev – Anatomy of the DJ Set: Genre, Style, and Structure in Bass Music Performance

·       Anita Jóri “This one is at least CTM-ish…” – Discourse on Discord

·       Kirsten Hermes – 8-bit Music on Twitch: how the Chiptune Scene is overcoming the Pandemic

18.30-19.50Paper Session D – New Spaces and Practices in Global Dance Music Scenes (Chair: Alistair Fraser)


·       Ciara Power – Free The Night in Northern Ireland

·       Chris McGuinness -Recovering Sample Authorship: Deepest India and the Case of Sohan Lal

·       Pavel Niakhayeu – #CoVideoWatching: sharing the pandemic experiences in comments under YouTube music videos

·       Anna Gavanas, Johan Jansson, Vera Schlaucher Ståhl – Curated by pioneers, spaces and resistance: the development of electronic dance music in Stockholm

Day 2. Friday 17th September

10.00-11.20Paper Session E – Renegade Raves and the New Dance Floor (Chair: Anita Jori)


·       Maria Giaever Lopez – ‘Suicide rigs’ in the free party scene: negotiating fun amidst lockdown restrictions

·       Business Teshno (Amir Lehman) – Whiteness in Electronic Music:  the Paradigmatic Case of Plague Raves

·       Richard Anderson – Plague Raving: DJ Culture in the Pandemic

·       César Lugo-Elías – The importance of space and materiality: Notes for the design of the dance floor of the future

11.40-13.00Paper Session F – Identity, Empathy, Ecstatic Dance and Virtuality. (Chair: Graham St John)


·       Liam Maloney – “Redlining & Religion”: A Socio-Economic Argument for House Music’s Identity

·       Stephanie SK Marbach – Separated Through the Screen – Can We Still Connect? An Auto-Ethnographic Case Study on Virtual Ecstatic Dance Gatherings During Lockdown

·      João Beira and Emília Simão – The evolution of electronic music in the Covid era: Creating visualization strategies beyond the screen.

16.00-17.20Paper Session G – Disco, Nightlife and Online Spaces (Chair: Emília Simão)


·       Jack McNeill – Site-Making in Club Culture: Creative Strategies for Building Club Spaces Online.·    

·       Alexei Michailowsky – “Daya Dou Doum” (1974) – a retrospective study of Patsy Gallant’s possible first steps towards disco music

·       Flora Pitrolo and Marko Zubak – Global Dance Cultures in the 1970s and 1980s: Disco Heterotopias

17.40-19.00Paper Session H – Special Effects of Musical Dancing: Connections, Identity Work, Wellness, and Vibrations. (Chair: Tommy Symmes)


·       Tiago Andre Moreira Pereira – Boomland, the (re)connecting experience has been postponed (again)

·       Jason Del Gandio – The EDM Vibe: More than Affect

·       Jasmine A. Henry – Sounds of the “Hyperghetto”: Sonic Counter-Storytelling in Jersey Club Music Performance

1915-20-15Panel 2  

·       tobias c. van Veen, Bernardo Attias & Maria Alexandra Urbano – Taking the Mix to Twitch: Online DJ Culture During the Pandemic
20.15Conference Close